About the Photographer

“Photography is the art of capturing moments and giving them eternal life.” – Anonymous

The fact that I love photography is a given (what photographer DOESN’T love what they do!) but there is a big difference in what you love, and what you are passionate about. I am passionate about providing a unique experience for my clients. I am passionate about excitement and adventure in my sessions, leaving no stone unturned and no smile unphotographed. I am SUPER passionate about helping my clients to capture great memories they will LOVE forever. And I am passionate in making each session a happy and fun experience. (No fake smiles here!)

Fortunately for me, I am blessed to have these passions and so many more. I am the wife of what I consider to be one of the most amazing human beings on the planet. When I am down, he brings me up. When I am happy, he shares my joy. When I am stuck creatively, he gives me AMAZING ideas. (He is the creative spark behind several of my fun sessions!).

Together we have three beautiful, talented, amazingly smart children (two of which are adults, but still…) and no, I am NOT biased. 🙂 Our youngest daughter is cute, spunky, loving, fun and entertaining, as well as an aspiring photographer,  and creative in her own right. Our oldest daughter is smart, beautiful, witty and an incredibly talented young woman studying to be a nurse, with an affinity for dreaming of far away places. Our son is intelligent, sharp as a tack, and will forever (to my dismay) be right about everything. He’s funny and  witty, and likes to debate just about anything you can imagine. He recently graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition, and is looking into internships and a Master Degree program to further his education.

In addition to photography, I am also a Wellness Educator for doTERRA. Sharing oils and natural wellness with others is a HUGE passion of mine. I have many hobbies: camping, road trips with my family, being crafty, Pinterest (you’re welcome for the honey-do list babe!), scrap-booking, playing games with my family, hunting, fishing, going to our cabin at the lake….the list goes on.  I really love to learn new things, which is why I think I took such an interest in photography. The learning possibilities are endless in this field. My clients, especially my long term clients, benefit from my need to expand my creativity and learn new methods, lighting techniques, etc. Plus, I am always up for a challenge.

No matter what your milestone, whether it be engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, family photos or senior photos, I will work hard to make sure that I understand your passions as well – after all, they’re your memories, I’m just capturing them.


Sunny Hugs,


Rheanna Nutter